Be sure to select the appropriate court. Every court has different requirements. Selecting the wrong court may result in improper processing of your certificates of completion which could result in delays or misrouting of your certificates. This may result in additional fines or fees. If you are uncertain which court to select call the court to verify which one you received your citation from.

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* If your court does not appear in the drop down list above, then our program has not yet received approval by your court. However, you may call the court and request permission to attend our program. If you receive special permission from your court to attend our program, just call our office at (865) 376-4794 and give us the direct phone line to the court clerk that you spoke to, the name of the court clerk, as well as your name and phone number. We will call the court to verify the approval and find out how your court wants the certificate of completion processed, then we will call you back to confirm that you may go ahead and register for our program.

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