About Us!

We will beat the price of any Interactive Traffic School program that guarantees you will pass* and is approved by the courts listed on our website!

In early 1998 my wife received a speeding ticket. She was surprised to learn that she could attend traffic school via the internet in order to have it erased from her record. I watched as she completed the course. It interested me to see the way the process was set up. What I did not understand was why the fee was so high. We decided to open our own internet traffic school because we felt that we could do it both cheaper and better. We officially opened our business on Christmas Eve 1998.

Our site is designed to be more convenient to our customers. Our login page will send the customer directly to the last lesson they were on in our program. We guarantee to be have the lowest price on the internet for an interactive traffic school program. As we operate out of a home office, we are available to our customers on evenings, weekends, and holidays, as well as regular business hours. Our goal is to provide maximum access to the customer and to provide the best customer service available.

Your security is important to us and we never give any information out about our clients. Any documents that you send to us will be run through a paper shredder after we have entered the information into our permanent records.

Some Internet Traffic Schools simply list all of the court jurisdictions on their web site, even though they have not received court approval in many of them. They cover this by having the client submit an agreement that they have contacted the court and verified that they can attend that school. We feel that this is both misleading and dishonest, and we will never list any courts on our website without first receiving approval from that court.

If you have any questions or comments about our program, or if you would like to request this service in your area, please feel free to email us at info@speedersnetwork.com. We welcome your input as a way to improve both our site and our service, and we will do our best to respond to every email sent to us.

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Mission Statement:
To provide every customer with a refreshing, interactive, and guaranteed approach
to completing traffic school requirements without ever leaving the comfort of their homes!
To provide dedicated customer service is a goal we strive to achieve on every level.